Follow our team as we prepare, travel, and serve alongside Acts4Rwanda and Africa College of Theology in Kigali, Rwanda this summer!

Day 12


We spent time as a team in the morning at the Tea House apartment discussing Psalm 36 and what some of the impacts of the trip have been on us, how we deal with poverty, and where we are seeing transformation. Once we arrived at the transformation Center we got to spend time worshipping with the staff and then discussing 2 Corinthians 5:20 and what it means to be an ambassador for Christ, what challenges it brings, and how we can be an ambassador at all times not just on a global mission trip.

The kids were ready and waiting to play when we wrapped up with the staff! Some of our team stayed to play games while others headed over to visit with the mamas of many of the Acts Achievers who work next door at the Women’s Initiative making tote and toiletry bags or woven baskets. They are amazing artists. God has done a truly incredible work in the lives of these women. Most of them come from unfathomable backgrounds including surviving the ‘94 genocide but the joy on their faces is tangible and the desire to give praise to God in song and dance at any moment is infectious. It is a perfect picture of God bringing beauty from ashes. He is the only one who can.

In the mid-afternoon, we had the privilege of serving the kids lunch. It was a special treat for them because they received a lot of extra protein and fruit, and were able to select a Coke, Sprite, or Fanta to accompany their meal.

We completed a full and busy day at the Transformation Center by singing with the kids and teaching about being ambassadors for Christ. The kids then took time to honor and appreciate Rusty Burns the new executive director for Acts 4 Rwanda after Lynda Weir’s retirement. It was a joy to watch him interact with the children this week and pour into them and the staff. He will be a great asset to the organization!

We finalized the day by taking the Acts4 staff out for an appreciation dinner. They selected a beautiful Indian restaurant where we were able to fellowship and enjoy a more relaxed time of conversation. They have been the biggest gift to us this week. Their hearts are so humble and they set the most wonderful example of servant leadership. It definitely challenged us to watch THEM serving all week.