Follow our team as we prepare, travel, and serve alongside Project Mañana in Santiago de los Caballeros this June!

Day 8


What a crazy day of travel! It started as we found out when arriving at the airport in Santiago that our morning flight was delayed about 5 hours due to some storms in Miami. Because of this delay we weren’t able to make our connecting flights. I think this is the first time this has happened in all the C3 missions trips!

Thankfully we had some good agents at American Airlines who helped us figure out another way to get home, but it wasn’t the “traditional” way. We had to fly out of Santiago at 12 and arrive in Miami. When we got to Miami, we hopped in the train that then took us to the Fort Lauderdale airport about 30 minutes away. Thankful for Jacob and Deborah helping us navigate all that, it was an adventure!

The flight from Fort Lauderdale doesn’t leave until the next morning at 6 so we stayed the night at a hotel. It ended up being really fun as we got to hang out as a team in the lobby, eat some pizza, play pool, and take some hot showers! We are exhausted but thankful to be headed home tomorrow!

Please pray that all the flights tomorrow are on time and we have safe day of travel!



Day 7


Today was a day of relaxing and having time to process all the events of the week. We started the morning with a great breakfast and headed out to the beach. It was a two hour drive with a bunch of windy roads and beautiful views.